The Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, CA hosted by the Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education (CACHE)

For the last three years, representatives from over 30 institutions of higher education including faculty, HR professionals, ombudspeople, labor representatives, administrators and researchers have convened to discuss and explore best practices in addressing the problem of workplace bullying in the academy. The 2016 Colloquium will include: • Group reflection on ways to create change regarding acts of abrasive conduct at your own institution • Sharing sample practices gleaned from the previous Colloquia; and • A learning forum to ask experts for recommendations regarding steps your institution could take to curtail abrasive behavior.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Anyone who is committed to addressing this issue in a thoughtful manner, including (but not limited to): higher education administrators, faculty, human resource professionals, labor representatives, legal counsel, ombudspersons and interested researchers. The focus of our discussions will be on institutional change.

TO LEARN MORE: • Visit our website at and become a member of the Consortium simply by registering. A T THE WEBSITE, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: • View promising practices posted by Consortium members • Discuss issues with other members in the CACHE Dialog Forum

Thank you, Members of the Consortium on Abrasive Conduct In Higher Education Organizing Team

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